People Are Buying Stamps And Praising Mail Carriers After The US Postal Service Said It Needs A Coronavirus Bailout

"Let's all buy stamps and save the Post Office."

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the US Postal Service said that it's seen a "devastating" drop in revenue and needs funding from Congress to ensure it can keep delivering letters and packages to the millions of Americans currently sheltering at home.

But so far, the USPS hasn't received cash in the stimulus plans aimed at propping up other types of US businesses — prompting some people on Sunday to show support by buying stamps, sharing tributes to mail carriers, and starting discussions about why the mail is such an important part of American life.

Just bought this beautiful Save Vanishing Species set! #BuySomeStamps #USPostalService

#USPostalService and #saveUSPS were tweeted thousands of times after the Washington Post reported Saturday that President Donald Trump was personally blocking potential emergency funding. According to the Post, Trump threatened to veto a version of the recently passed stimulus package that included a $13 billion bailout for the US Postal Service and instead extended the agency a $10 billion loan. The USPS has been financially troubled for decades, but a drop in its main funding source — first-class and marketing mail — due to the coronavirus pandemic has only worsened its economic outlook.

"We now estimate that the COVID-19 pandemic will increase the Postal Service’s net operating loss by more than $22 billion dollars over the next eighteen months, and by over $54 billion dollars over the longer term, threatening our ability to operate," Postmaster General Megan Brennan said in a statement on Friday.

Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat who has led the push to provide USPS with aid, has also said Trump personally blocked potential funding plans.

"Every single one of us will feel the impact if the #USPostalService disappears, @realDonaldTrump," Connolly tweeted on Sunday. "The American people want to #SaveTheUSPS. Whether we can is up to you."

Some people praised the mail delivery personnel in their lives.

Since #USPostalService is trending. Here’s EJ. He’s been my mailman for years. Out here in pandemics & hurricanes. Looking fine.

My mom was a single woman w/3 kids who struggled to make ends meet. For decades she delivered mail for the #USPostalService in the scorching heat, the pouring rain, with a bag way too heavy, she even delivered mail in our neighborhood bec she couldn’t afford daycare. #saveusps

Veteran letter carrier Tom Riley's unforgettable journey that touched many lives! Tom was 17 when he joined the Air Force. After retiring from the Air Force in 1963, he joined the #USPostalService as a carrier. Tom has written more than a dozen books. #1u

#USPostalService My dad, Mailman Mike Tedesco, Syracuse NY. Probably early 1960s. Honest, modest, dependable and true. Still kickin' at 98.

Others pointed out the opportunity USPS provided in particular for black workers, who continue to make up about 27% of the postal workforce.

The Post Office was always embattled in the South because it was one of the few places where black people could get jobs that were well-paying. Many whites resented it because it was a way out of blacks working in service to them for little pay.

My grandma was a postal carrier. USPS was one of the few that would hire black women, back then even they tried to discourage women by offering them solo rural routes. Grandma took it. My dad has memories of doing homework in the back of the truck as a little boy. #SaveUSPS

Some postal workers also spoke out about how necessary their jobs are now.

#USPostalService 26 years of service & just helped coordinate delivery of 25,000 Chrome Books for public school students K-12 to maintain education while schools remained closed for #COVID19 We are essential & over 225 years the life line in rural communities #USPostalService

For millions across the country, we're the only face they often see all day, even before social distancing. Their connection to the world around them, even if it's just for a comment on the weather, or to be a two minute ear for a rant about "kids these days."

The postal service also played an important part in bringing Americans together throughout history, professors and historians said.

Here's why we should #SaveThePostOffice: The Postal Act of 1792 (signed into law by George Washington) made the decision that the post office would serve every community regardless of costs.

I wonder if historians of the early US are especially ride-or-die for the post office because it seems like one of the least tainted "democratic" ideas of the founding period. It's always been one of the easiest ways to explain "the public good" in classes.

Others tried to support the USPS by buying stamps.

Since everyone is buying stamps to help #SaveUSPS, here are some of my favorite ones! (I love stamps.) You can buy stamps of famous post office murals!!!!!!:

If people are planning on buying some USPS stamps, may I recommend these Dragon Forever stamps? The photos don't show it off but they all have SPOT FOIL on em— I have an extra sheet set aside that I plan on framing! #SaveUSPS

Just bought 5 set of stamps. Who wants to be penpals? #SaveUSPS

And some pointed out the role USPS plays in democracy with voting by mail.

I just bought a book of Marvin Gaye stamps on because, among other things, I want to be able to vote by mail. Let’s all buy stamps today and save the Post Office. #SaveUSPS #buystamps

The USPS website currently displays a notice that says that “due to a high volume of orders at this time” users should “allow an additional 2-3 days for the delivery” of their order. It wasn't immediately clear if this was linked to the online campaigns, and a USPS spokesperson couldn't immediately provide stamp sales numbers to BuzzFeed News.

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