These Charts Break Down Who Is Most At Risk Of Dying From The Coronavirus

The death rates go up to 14.8% for people older than 80 years, based on a study conducted by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

As the coronavirus spreads in countries around the world, more and more people are looking for answers about its effects — especially on the elderly.

Below is a compilation of charts detailing who is impacted the most. It’s based on a study conducted by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention that looked at the records of 72,314 patients in China.

There are definitely caveats to the data: High smoking rates in the region may have an impact on death rates. Death rates should also be taken with a grain of salt because we can’t quite say how many people had the virus and weren’t tested. But it’s one of the earliest and largest studies that can help us understand the virus and its potential effects on those who contract it.

How severe the coronavirus cases were

Of all the coronavirus cases studied by China’s CDC, 4.7% were critical, and roughly half of those (49%) with a critical case died. None of the mild or severe cases in the study were fatal.

The overall death rate

Of all cases within the study, 2.3% ended in the patient dying.

The older you are, the more deadly the virus

Contracting the virus is particularly dangerous for populations 60 years and older, but the death rate really shoots up for people who are 80 years or older.

Preexisting conditions also make you more vulnerable

Men are more vulnerable than women

The study found that men may be more vulnerable to getting the virus (51% of the cases) but that could be because men in China may be more prone to travel, Stat News has reported. The fatality rate is higher for men than for women, the study found.

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