If You've Worked In TV Or Film Production During The Pandemic, We Want To Hear From You

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your job? We want to know.

Since March, the coronavirus pandemic has upended our day-to-day lives and impacted every single industry across the world, including entertainment. In an unprecedented move, all TV and film productions came to a complete halt, leaving crew members fearful about losing their income and health insurance, among other uncertainties.

When the number of COVID-19 cases went down over the summer, many TV shows and film productions started back up, requiring a whole new set of health guidelines to operate. While people were happy to be back at work, crew members risked contracting the coronavirus on the job — and some did.

Now, as the number of COVID-19 cases rise across the country, states like California are locking down and issuing regional stay-at-home orders, putting additional pressure on studios.

If you work in TV or film production, BuzzFeed News would like to speak with you about your experience and how you’ve navigated being on set during the pandemic. Please fill out our survey here, or email us directly at krystie.yandoli@buzzfeed.com.

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