Timothée Chalamet Photoshopped Into Famous Paintings Is Eerily Beautiful

“A true Renaissance man.”

If you’ve ever thought that actor Timothée Chalamet’s face belongs on famous, historical paintings and not just on the big screen, then you’re in luck. A new Instagram and Twitter account, Badly Photoshopped Timmy, features iconic paintings photoshopped to look like Chalamet is in them.

The account creator — a 23-year-old student named Anna from Warsaw, Poland — told BuzzFeed News she wishes to remain slightly anonymous. Anna said she was inspired to create the photos after watching Chalamet’s performance as Elio in Call Me by Your Name.

“I've seen some online comments suggesting that Timothée's face belongs in an art gallery,” Anna said. “That made my idea of him being Caravaggio's muse seem not as crazy as I first thought it to be.”

Anna said she started photoshopping the paintings earlier in July and that she initially created the account as a joke, since she doesn’t have a lot of experience in Photoshop.

But she said once she saw people reposting the images online, she started to put more effort into re-creating famous paintings to include Chalamet’s face.

“His looks seem to fit in any painting from any time perfectly,” Anna said. “And his outstanding acting, multilingualism, piano/guitar skills make him a true Renaissance man.”

Anna said she was surprised that someone else didn’t come up with the idea sooner, and that she’s excited to see the Instagram account amass tens of thousands of followers in a short amount of time.

“It's truly gratifying seeing that people are enjoying the edits and share the same level of appreciation for Chalamet as I do!” she said.

“Chalamaniacs, unite.”