“The Bachelor” Star Peter Weber Suffered "A Freak Accident” That Required Stitches On His Head

“He’s 100% OK and production is already back underway,” the show's host said in a statement.

The star of the next season of The Bachelor, Peter Weber, “suffered a freak accident” during filming, host Chris Harrison confirmed.

“He got a cut on his head, he did get stitches, but he’s 100% OK and production is already back underway,” Harrison said in a statement. “He’s still the dashing, handsome pilot we’ve all dreamed of.”

Weber, a 28-year-old pilot who hails from California, is the star of the ABC show's 24th season. He was reportedly hospitalized and received 22 stitches as a result of his injury, which the statement did not elaborate on.

According to Radar Online, Weber’s injury took place on a golf course while on location in Costa Rica on Monday, Oct. 7. Sources told the Hollywood Reporter that filming continued and Weber had a date on Tuesday.

Production on Season 24 started in September.

Fans might remember Weber from his time on the most recent season of The Bachelorette, featuring Hannah Brown, during which he placed third.

After Weber was announced as the new star of The Bachelor, he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he discussed how excited he was when Harrison called with the news.

“I’m just ready to immerse myself in this journey and hopefully come out with a fiancé in the end,” Weber said.

He also discussed his heartbreak over Brown on The Bachelorette, but said he’s ready to move on and find love during the upcoming season of the reality franchise, which is set to premiere Jan. 6.

“As you watch back the show, you’re reliving it again. And as you’re trying to move on, if it didn’t work out, it kind of brings all those feelings back again,” Weber said. “So I was excited to get some closure, close that book, and move on. But I’m always going to have amazing memories with Hannah. She means a ton to me, but I’m ready for this next journey.”

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