“Friends” Fans Rest Assured, The Show Isn’t Leaving Netflix In 2019

Friends will remain on Netflix throughout 2019.

Earlier today, Netflix users learned that the hit NBC series Friends would only be available on the streaming service until Jan. 1, 2019.

But after a lot of angry reactions from fans...

Me @ netflix when i found out they’re taking friends off

...Netflix announced the beloved ’90s sitcom will remain on its streaming service throughout 2019.

The Holiday Armadillo has granted your wish: “Friends” will still be there for you in the US throughout 2019

Friends fans have already been warned of the possibility that the series could leave Netflix because WarnerMedia, which owns the show, is gearing up for its own streaming service sometime in 2019.

But for now, viewers can rest assured the Central Perk gang isn’t going anywhere.

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