Taylor Swift Looks Really Happy To Be At Jury Duty Right Now

*Moves to Nashville and volunteers for jury duty*

Receiving that little jury summons slip in the mail makes most people want to curl up in a ball on the floor and sob.

But some extremely lucky citizens of Nashville had a little surprise when they walked into court this morning.

#TaylorSwift is on Jury Duty with me. LOL

They showed up at jury duty to find out they're doing their civic duty alongside relatable queen Taylor Swift.

My mom just causally has jury duty with Taylor SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why does this never happen to me???

Man can you imagine the people this morning crying about going to Jury duty and then they walk in and see TAYLOR SWIFT.

And instead of just sitting in a room staring at a wall for the next eight hours, they got to take selfies with Taylor.

And all sit around the table having a very normal, casual, chill conversation with her.

Which means crime-show enthusiast and former CSI guest star T. Swift is currently living her best damn life.

live everyday like you're international superstar taylor swift HYPE AF to be at jury duty

Celebs, they're just like us!!!!

10 time Grammy winner Taylor Swift had jury duty today. She's just like us

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