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Women Responded To This Sexist Hashtag With Incredible Takedowns

Women should get in the what now?

Posted on July 8, 2015, at 8:41 a.m. ET

Last week the hashtag #هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ, which means "are you married to a girl who can't cook?" started trending on Twitter in Saudi Arabia.

Never #هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ

The phrase has trended before; predictably both times the responses have been mixed.

Would you marry a guy doesn't work? #هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ

#هل_تتزوج_فتاة_ماتطبخ للبنات المقبلات على الزواج تعلمي الفرق بين البقدونس والكزبرة

"For girls to get married learn the difference between parsley and coriander."

Some agreed with the statement, expressing their own sexist views.

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ عليها أن تثبت في السنة الأولى من تعلمها الطبخ أنها تستحق أن تكون زوجتي أو تغادر إلى بيت أهلها .

"Prove in the first year of learning cooking they deserve to be my wife or leave the house."

But the hashtag was met with anger and disbelief by others, and soon both men and women used it to call out the outdated statement.

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ the fact that this's trending makes me lose more hope in Saudi men

1920s called.. They want their hashtag back #هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ Can you stop making stupid hashtags like this one ffs

Some men supported women who are unable to cook.

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ Um why not ? Im not gonna marry her for my stomach ☺️ , she can learn and ill learn with her so we can cook together❤️

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ Are you looking for wife or a chef ?

The better question is .. Will she raise my children well rather than does she know how to cook. #هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ

Women called out men for seeing their wives as their chefs.

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ If marriage is all about cooking then you should marry your maid

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ I din't know that women were born with the cooking gene.

And their failure to see the complexity of marriage.

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ Marriage is about sharing, god didn't create her just to fill your stomach.

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ If your biggest concern and fear is food and your krsh, its probably better for you to stay at home with your mama

Others called men lazy for not learning to cook themselves.

I love cooking but.... #هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ

You know what they call men who who won't marry a girl who can't cook? Single. #هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ If you can't make your sandwich or do your own laundry then I'm the one who should worry.

Any more questions?

#هل_تتزوج_فتاه_ماتطبخ Me like :