This Woman's Story Of Trying To Mail Her Friends Some Cookies Will Make You Laugh And Cry

This is a wild ride.

Back in December, a Tumblr user from Texas called anneriawings decided to send some cookies to her friends, who were all meeting up in New Jersey.

When her friends — three other Tumblr users who use the names homebeccer, phantomrose96, and cupcakecreeper — met on Dec. 26, the cookies still hadn't arrived.

Yep, Guam.

Homebeccer, whose real name is Becca, told BuzzFeed News that the friends lost it when they were told of the package's location.

"I, foolishly, was not fully aware of just how far Guam was from us, probably equating it to Puerto Rico as both are US territories," she said. "But no, Guam is actually just north of Australia. It is, to say the least, very far from New Jersey."

Becca said anneriawings spent the next few days obsessively watching the UPS website, and updating her Tumblr thread when she got news.

On Dec. 28, the package was in Hawaii.

And later that day, the cookies started *finally* making their way to New Jersey.

On Dec. 30, the cookies arrived at the New Jersey USPS destination facility.

It was getting super tense.

The cookies arrived later that day, and the girls filmed themselves unboxing the cookies.

It was a bit disappointing.

For those wondering, Becca drew a map of the cookies' epic journey.

The group also tried to work out how much the journey would actually cost if they had actually tried to send the package via Guam on purpose. It's not possible.

The group's thread became hugely popular and was shared across social media. It also prompted others to share their experiences with missing deliveries.

And it simply made others smile.

Becca said that the group are "baffled" by the reaction to their story, considering it's a tale of mishandled post.

"I was telling a friend back home in Florida about the cookie debacle and her little brother yelled, 'Wait, that was you? I saw that post on Tumblr,'" she said. "But it's been hilarious, at the same time, that 'Guam cookies' is now forever going to be a thing in our lives."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to USPS to find out what on Earth happened to the cookies.

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