This Public Library Figured Out The Perfect Way For Teens To Find Self-Help Books

These clever signs help teenagers to find books without revealing private information.

Sacramento Public Library has created this guide for teens in need of self-help books.

The idea was created by Justin Azevedo, a branch supervisor at the library. Azevedo told BuzzFeed News that the idea came from a library services listserv for young adult readers.

"I would notice how popular teen books on these topics were, but how rare actual questions about them from teen library patrons were," Azevedo said. "Most of the topics would be embarrassing to ask about, but some of them could threaten their privacy or even safety if asked in front of people or discovered by parents in a search engine history."

Azevedo said there are plans to distribute the information on fliers and on signs in library bathrooms so that young people don't have to take a physical bookmark.

The library also specifically offers LGBT-friendly events for local teenagers, such as their annual Yule Ball.