Millions Of People Like This Man's Tattoo Tribute To His Grandma

Léo Javiel told BuzzFeed his grandmother was an "amazing" woman.

Léo Javiel is a professional skateboarder from São Leopoldo, Brazil.

This is his grandmother Neiva. Javiel credits Neiva with raising him after his mother gave birth at 14 years old.

In July 2012, Neiva left a note for Javiel and went to the bank. While she was out, she fell sick and was hospitalized. She died a few days later.

A month ago, while sorting through papers, Javiel found the note. It says: "Will be back around noon. Kisses, Granny."

He decided to turn it into a tattoo. When he got to the studio the owner, Tiago Lopes, agreed to do the art under one condition: He would not be paid.

Javiel and Lopes both shared pictures of the tattoo on Instagram. It was quickly picked up by other social media accounts, where the image got millions of likes.

Lopes even shared a message he received from a stranger who'd seen the tattoo.

"Hi guys. I have always been against the idea of tattooing your body, cause that's the way I was raised and my religion also prohibits it. Never understood why someone would do it, until I saw your tattoo about that note from a grandmother. That made total sense. Thanks for healing my mind. May the peace of Jesus be with you."

When asked about his grandmother, Javiel told BuzzFeed that she was an "amazing" woman and he feels lucky to have spent her last few days with her.

This post originally appeared on BuzzFeed Brazil.

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