These Students Dressed Up As "Mad Max: Fury Road" Characters For Their Graduation And It's Hilarious

For Valhalla, and their graduation.

It is a tradition at some Japanese university graduation ceremonies to cosplay or dress up for the occasion.


However, at a ceremony this week, a group of students from Tama Art University, Tokyo, took the practice to a whole new level.


The students dressed as Mad Max: Fury Road characters Immortan Joe, Coma-Doof Warrior (the guitar guy), and a group of War Boys.

They pulled the whole concept together by building and arriving in their version of one of the film's terrifying vehicles.

According to one Twitter user, the creator of the cosplay is a product design major. While she entered the ceremony in Mad Max attire, she exited in a hakama, a piece of traditional Japanese dress.


This year's product design major at Tama Art University: she entered as Immortan Joe, exited as a girl wearing a hakama.

Best of luck to any students graduating this year who try to outdo this girl's costume.


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