Everyone Is Obsessed With Curling And No One Knows Why

Enter these videos in the Olympics.

Thanks to the success of the South Korean women's Olympic curling team, including their charismatic leader, Kim Eun-jung, Koreans, and people all around the world, are becoming obsessed with curling.

It is very weirdly addictive.

Curling is the most addictive sport to watch.

So, fans are trying curling the only way they can — yep, robot vacuums.

People are sharing videos of them imitating the sport. And it's having great side effects! Parents are finding new ways of getting their kids to sweep up.

Future Olympians are being made.

And future curling stones.

The meme has even broken out of living rooms and houses. People are curling in roller discos.


And it's bringing families together

Facebook: video.php

A perfect meme to sum up everyone's unexplainable obsession right now.

Facebook: video.php

This post was translated from French.

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