Scientists Have Made An Awesome Face App And Teens Have Turned It Into A Disturbing Meme

This is what 3017 looks like.

PhD students at the University of Nottingham recently published an app they built that transforms 2D photos into 3D designs.

Last week, the creators of the app shared it to Reddit, where it spread across social media.

Of course, it quickly became a meme.


That 3D face reconstruction thing is fantastic at producing terrifying results from Transformers:

One of the creators of the app, Aaron Jackson, 25, a PhD student at the University of Nottingham, told BuzzFeed News that the app is part of the work he does applying deep learning to human faces.

"The online demo stems from some of our research over the 7 months," he said. "The purpose of the demo was originally to provide a simple way of

trying out our method without having to download and run the code on

their own computer."

Jackson said he has really enjoyed seeing how people use the app.

"Nearly 130,000 faces have been uploaded," he said. "I'm really happy that our work has been enjoyed by so many people."

i like the 3d face reconstruction site