A Wonderful Thing Happened On Tumblr And Now People Are Making Their Lizards Tiny Hats

All lizards deserve hats tbh.

On Tuesday, Tumblr user an-eighth-of-faith sent Tumblr user iguanamouth a picture of his aunt's lizard, with the caption, "You know what to do."

So iguanamouth, whose real name is Lauren, did the only sensible thing.

They printed out a photo of the lizard.

Made it into a tiny little hat.

And gave it to their iguana, Wasabi.


In response to this inspired move, Tumblr user lukia26 knew what they had to do.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Lauren said they receive a lot of submissions for drawing, but wanted to do something different this time.

"I didn't actually expect anybody else to do the same though," they said. "That was great and it set a precedent and there might be more."

So, guys.

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