Apple AirPods Became A Meme And Now They're Sold Out In Many Stores

"Social media is really the best marketing tool."

Remember when Apple AirPods were announced in 2016 and they were pretty much universally mocked?

Courage. Wearing Apple #AirPods in Public.

New Air Buds are looking great. #iPhone7

Well, AirPods have grown in popularity in the past couple of years and established themselves as a status-giving product.

Monoma the trucks coming. Oh my God he has airpods in. He can't hear us. Oh my god

Since late last year, there have been multiple memes centered around AirPods.

There was also a significant uptick in Google searches for AirPods during this period.

A separate search for "AirPod meme" shows a small spike at the beginning of December followed by a larger uptick on Dec. 23.

By December, AirPod memes were everywhere, just in time for Christmas.

“Top 10 richest people 1. Airpod users 2. Amazon CEO 3. Bill Gates 4. People who refuse to shop at Walmart 5. Mark Zuckerburg 6. Jay-Z 7. People who say "let's get this bread" 8. Floyd Mayweather 9. Oprah 10. People with either "💰" or "💵" in their bio”

Me: *walking into a bar* Bouncer: “ID please” Me: *puts in my AirPods* Bouncer: [thinking I’m a celebrity] “Right this way sir”

AirPod flexing, or showing off your AirPods, became a huge meme.

strategically wearing my hijab to show off my airpods 🤪

This brudda took the flex to another level by wearing his AirPods on Question Time for the entirety of the show

And people basically just became obsessed with them, even if they didn't own them.

Well, amid this uptick in popularity, AirPods have been now selling out everywhere.

Lol how are AirPods sold out at all apple stores in london. social media is really the best marketing tool nd it’s completely free 4 them 😭

All nyc apple stores are sold out of airpods. Thats how you know twitter did its thing smh

BuzzFeed News checked the stock for a number of Apple Stores online, finding that in New York most were sold out until February, and in London most were unavailable until Jan. 25.

A spokesperson for John Lewis, a leading British department store, told BuzzFeed News they had seen an increased demand for the product, leading them to sell out.

The high demand has even lead to some people accidentally buying fake AirPods.

LOOOOOL how’s my dad buying these pls

Or buying wireless earphones that look very similar to AirPods.

No wonder why i see so many people with airpods 🙄 you bitches aint slick

Never doubt the ability of the internet to make something cool.

Buddy with the AirPods just knows this is beneath him

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