Here's All The Ways Japanese Twitter Are Trying To Hatch Their Pokémon Go Eggs

You lazy, ingenious people.

Pokémon Go officially launched in Japan last week.

It didn't take long for creative players to find ways to hatch their Pokémon eggs without leaving their homes, namely by building "automatic hatching machines." Like using fans.

Many fans.


Toy dogs.


And toy cars.

整備科のセミオート卵孵化装置。笑 #ポケモンGO

Sticking their phone in a 3D printer.


Chucking it across the floor.

A sushi train.

Twitter: @torokimasa / Via Twitter: @torokimasa

A regular toy train.

プラレール買いに行って孵化装置作った。 #ポケモンGO

A BuzzFeed toy train.

この日を待ってた。 #ポケモンGO

A robot vacuum cleaner.


And a successful robot vacuum cleaner!

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This is all very strong commitment to not going outside.

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