People Think This Humans Of New York Story Shows Why Abortion Should Be Legalized Everywhere

"So this never has to happen."

Humans of New York is currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina, sharing stories from the city's residents.

This weekend, the project shared a photo along with a story about one woman's experience of an illegal abortion.

The caption reads:

I didn’t want to be a mother. I was eighteen. We weren’t in love. I had goals I wanted to accomplish. So I made the hardest decision of my life. It’s not legal here. So I researched it on the Internet. I did it myself. In my room. If things had gone wrong, I could have died. Seeing it come out of me was the worst moment of my life. And I couldn’t tell anyone. Not even my parents. So I carried the secret with me. I felt like this thing was always in my chest, but it was stuck there. All day I’d act normal. Then at night I’d go to my room and cry.” Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the comments on the post, many people said the woman's story had moved them and was one of the reasons they attended recent Women's Marches.

Others have said it shows why abortion needs to be legalized.

The post has also been shared across social media, gaining hundreds of thousands of retweets on Twitter.

THIS is why we fight for safe, legal abortions. So this never has to happen.

While the story has divided some users, the tale has empowered many others.

Reading the comments on this thread & it disgusts me how ignorant and insensitive so many people are

hard to read, but worth it

Last year, when asked about his country's stance on abortion, Argentinian President Mauricio Macri told BuzzFeed News that "Denying women the right to have an abortion is not gender violence" and said no woman under any circumstances should go through an abortion.

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