Donald Trump Will Be President And People Around The World Can't Fucking Believe It

This post will be updated as more and more countries wake up to find out Donald Trump is going to be the 45th president of the United States Of America.

It became clear Wednesday morning that Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States of America. As countries around the world woke up to this news, most people appeared to be feeling some combination of shock and, well, more shock, and just a little bit of secondhand embarrassment.


Hey USA, we got you 😘 #election2016

United Kingdom

Dear Charlie Brooker. I appreciate the ambition of this one year long episode of Black Mirror but it's not funny anymore. #ElectionNight

Can Obama not just turn the telly up really loud and pretend he didn't hear the doorbell? #ElectionNight


Well done, America. I can report that we in Canada are feeling a little Austria, 1933 right now.

Tfw you're Canadian and you're a week away from submitting your visa application to move to the US. Ha. #ElectionNight

Honestly I wish we could welcome all the poc and lgtbq+ and women and immigrants to Canada. I want to wrap them up and kiss them on the head


America –– officially that one friend who takes the joke way, way, way too far.

Six seasons of screaming NNNNOOOOO at your TV during Game of Thrones were intended to prepare you for this day, America

Today I genuinely mean this, God Bless America. #ElectionNight


No lo disfracen de "rechazo al sistema" es puro y claro racismo y misoginia

"Don’t disguise this as 'rejecting the system'; it’s pure and simple racism and misogyny."


¿Cómo pasa un país de votar dos veces por Obama a hacer presidente a Trump?

"How can a country go from voting for Obama twice to making Trump president?"


Es flipante que la diferencia en estados clave con 5 o 6 millones de votos sea de 2.000 o 5.000 papeletas. Y el ganador se lo lleva todo.

"It’s amazing that the difference in key states with 5 or 6 million votes is 2,000 or 5,000 ballots. And winner takes all."


Donc le gars qui va être président des USA et avoir les codes nucléaires c'est le gars à qui on a interdit de Tweeter ? Ok #ElectionNight

"So the guy who's going to be president and have the nuclear codes is the guy who was forbidden to tweet? OK."

- Si Trump passe après Obama, ça sera comme quand Ombrage est passée directrice de Poudlard après Dumbledore... #ElectionDay #ElectionNight

"If Trump succeeds Obama it'll be like when Umbrage succeeded Dumbledore as head of Hogwarts."

Les américains je savais qu'ils étaient fous mais pas à ce point

"I knew Americans were crazy but not to this extent."



"This is what America’s going to look like from now on."

「イギリスがEU離脱!?やばいな円でも買っとくか」 「インドで紙幣が紙屑に!?やばいな円でも買っとくか」 「次のアメリカ大統領がヤバい!?やばいな円でも買っとくか」 日本「もうやめて」

"'UK’s for Brexit!? That’s bad, I should buy yen.'

'Bill notes are now piece of paper in India!? That’s bad, I should buy yen.'

'The next US president is fucked up!? That’s bad, I should buy yen.'

Japan: 'Stop, just stop.'"

“Wait…is this the birth of President Trump?"


Wie viele US-Amerikaner können wir eigentlich so als Flüchtlinge aufnehmen? #votebuerger #USWahl2016 #ElectionDay

"How many Americans can we take in as refugees?"

Man muss es positiv sehen: Wenn Trump gewinnt, ist es keine Schande, sich heute in der Öffentlichkeit vor 9 Uhr zu betrinken. #USWahl2016

"You have to see the positive side: If Trump wins, public drinking before 9am isn't a disgrace anymore."



#РоссияВыбираетТрампа Россия: хм кого бы выбрать Россия: *видит гомофобного расиста* Россия: отлично, выбираем его


Russia: Who would you choose?

Russia: *sees a homophobic racist*

Russia: Perfect, elect him"

Похоже, что, вопреки всем ожиданиям, президентом Соединённых Штатов становится Дональд Трамп, а не Владимир Путин.

"Despite all expectations the next president of the United States is going to be Donald Trump, not Vladimir Putin."

У Клинтон пока большинство голосов в Нью-Йорке и в Калифорнии, а у Трампа в Рязани и Ханты-Мансийском автономном округе

"Clinton got most votes in New York and California, Trump is winning in city of Ryazan and Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous Region."



ترامب و السيسى حكمتك يا من خلقتني.

"Oh my god. Trump there and Sisi here!! What the hell."

ترامب والسيسي روؤساء دول وهنشوفهم في مؤتمرات كتير سوا يانهار كوميك

"We will see Trump and Sisi in many conferences :))

We will laugh a lot, guys."


Pfff Amerika is gek geworden.. #amerikakiest #trump

"Pfff America has gone crazy..."

Ik las net wel een goede van iemand: 'Als je als land zo'n groot circus van de presidentsrace maak, wint de grootste clown'. #Amerikakiest

"I just read something good from someone: 'If your country makes a huge circus of the presidency race, the winner is the biggest clown.'"


Trump ganhou a eleição e isso só prova que se o ser humano fosse um dinossauro elegeria o meteoro #ElectionNight

"Trump won the US elections and this only proves that if human beings were dinosaurs we'd elect a meteor."



Ces tão ligados q se o Trump ganhar o Dólar vai cair pra caralho né? Já podem planejar a viagem pra Disney chama as criança

"Do you understand that if Trump wins American dollars will be cheap AF, right? Time to plan a trip to Disneyland."

South Korea


ya bu amerikalılar arnold schwarzenneger'i vali yapmış adamlar..trump'ın başkanlığına niye şaşırıyorsunuz allaşkına

"Americans are the people who made Arnold Schwarzenegger governor... How on earth is Trump’s presidency coming as a surprise?"

South Africa

White people, what the hell have you done.


Your pastor said 2016 would be a good year.

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