These Heartbreaking Photos Show How Bad Things Are Getting In Venezuela

Photos of infants in a Venezuelan hospital were shared on Twitter on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, lawyer Manuel Ferreira shared photos of newborn babies sleeping in cardboard boxes. The pictures were reportedly taken at IVSS Guzman Lander, a medical facility in Barcelona, Venezuela.

Me reportan que está es la condición del retén en el IVSS Guzman Lander, debemos rescatar nuestra #Venezuela

“I've been told that these are the conditions in the Guzman Lander hospital, we need to rescue our #venezuela.”

The boxes, according to El Nacional, are the result of a lack of proper medical equipment, such as incubators and cribs, due to Venezuela's ongoing financial crisis.

Con este legado de la revolución... ¿Quién se atreve a decir que #ChavezFuerzaInternacional? #Anzoategui

“With this legacy of the revolution, who dares to say #ChavezInternationalForce."

However, there is some disagreement about how the infants ended up in the cardboard boxes.

José Zurbarán, the director of the hospital, told El Norte that the decision to use the boxes was made by nightshift workers — and a mistake.

But it is unclear if the babies have been removed from the boxes, or what the hospital plans to do with newborns in the future.

The photos have horrified Venezuelans.

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