Meet Honey Butter, The Food Flavoring Koreans Are Going Crazy For

The combination of buttery, sugary, savory treats has become too much.

Korea is currently in the midst of a honey butter craze.

omg look at what @boon_yi got me! honey butter chips! im crying thank you my friends are always so sweet;;;;

Sg sells honey butter chips praise the lord do you know how long I went around Korea to find it so many lmaooo

According to Munchies, the craze started in 2014 with Haitai-Calbee Confectionery Co.'s Honey Butter Chips.

The chips have now become a social media craze, with users celebrating when they're able to locate a pack of the in demand product.

Rare chips 그렇게 찾기 힘든 #허니버터칩 #honeybutterchips #chips

And photoshopping the bags onto popular celebrities.

Multipacks of the larger portioned bags are being sold for $150.

Fans are now debating which brand makes the best honey butter chips.

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@Jack_Septic_Eye Have you tried this? Is a huge trend in Korea!! Honey butter chip~ i got the japan version

Other companies have jumped on the trend, producing honey butter beer.

I thought the honey butter chips were the end of this craze. We've taken this trend too far, Korea, TOO FAR.

Honey butter dried squid.

This honey butter nonsense has got to stop

Honey butter pop cake.

Honey Butter ALL THE FOODS! Korea buys into fads too much. Also ingredients say margarine, not butter #disappoint

Honey butter Mcdonalds french fries.

So I got in on the Honey Butter craze in South Korea with some Honey Butter Fries! They were pretty good!

Honey butter latte.

And honey butter Cheetos, to name a few.

Whilst the trend doesn't seem to have caught on in the west yet, it must only a matter of time until the buttery, sweet, and salty treats become common place.

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