We Must Protect Kelly Marie Tran And Her Instagram Account At All Costs

TBH, this is the only way to behave when you become famous.

Kelly Marie Tran is an actor starring in the upcoming Star Wars film The Last Jedi.

Tran is the first woman of color and Asian woman lead in a Star Wars film. This is her first major movie credit.

Kelly Marie Tran is playing Rose Tico aka the first WOC main character and the first Asian American actor in Star W… https://t.co/YaOdE4J80B

The press campaign for the film has also coincided with her joining social media. Both of these things combined have created a true blessing of an Instagram account.

She's shared her adorable reaction to The Last Jedi trailer.

And her fears about social media.

Supported her costars.

And, most important, given us an insight into what it's like to become famous overnight.

People absolutely love the posts.

Kelly Marie Tran is the most precious human being ever and we must protect her

we don’t deserve miss kelly marie tran. she’s too pure, too good for this world and doesn’t deserve an ounce of hate

Kelly Marie Tran is the most wonderful human being on this earth

And totally love her.

“looks like my instagram is just going to be all post in support of my start wars family” protect kelly marie tran… https://t.co/10G1gU85ch

If annoying Star Wars fans drive Kelly Marie Tran off Instagram or hurt her in any way I will fight them

In short, thank goodness for Kelly Marie Tran.

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