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German Newspapers Are Producing Leaflets In Arabic For Refugees

The leaflets include essential information for the new arrivals.

Posted on September 9, 2015, at 11:17 a.m. ET

On Wednesday German newspapers B.Z. and Bild Berlin included a four-page supplement in Arabic for refugees.

Sharing old school! Tomorrow's BZ with a four-page-supplement with service for refugees in arabic. #refugeeswelcome

The pages include a map of Berlin on which important places such as the Central Station, refugee shelters, and playgrounds are all marked.

The supplement was handed out to refugees awaiting registration at the #LAGeSo (State Office for Health and Social Affairs).

B.Z.-Beilage auf arabisch vor #LAGeSo verteilt #Berlin #refugeeswelcome

Both publications have received praise on Twitter for the gesture.

Dafür kann man auch mal Lob aussprechen! RT @ennolenze: Bild und BZ bringen eine Flüchtlingszeitung auf arabisch raus

For this you can express praise!

Heute lohnt es direkt mal, BZ oder @BILD zu kaufen.Arabische Beilage m. wichtigen Adressen u. Infos f. #Fluechtlinge

Today it is the right time to buy BZ or BILD. Arab leaflet with important addresses and information for refugees.

Die @BILD hat ein Lob verdient: Bringen Beilage in Arabisch und wird in Flüchtlingsheimen verteilt

The @BILD deserves praise: feature a leaflet in Arabic and distributed in refugee centers.

Deutschland, ich erkenne dich nicht wieder! B.Z. und Bild bringen Flüchtlingszeitung auf Arabisch heraus

Germany, I did not recognize you! BZ and Bild bring refugees out newspaper in Arabic.

B.Z has also been responding to negative posts on its Facebook page.

Jaqueline Hilbert: What is a refugee supposed to do with this paper? He can wipe his ass, because he cannot read German :)B.Z.: Does he have to be able to read German to understand the Arab service page?
Marco Rauth: What's that supposed to help? Most of them cannot speak German.B.Z.: That's why its in Arabic.

You can download the supplement here.