People In Japan Are Stretching Their Pets Cheeks To Look Like Rice Cakes

Soooo cute.

People in Japan are grabbing and squeezing animals' cheeks in a trend called もちもち, or "mochi mochi."

The phrase is usually applied to the chubby, stretchy cheeks of young children.

But recently, people have begun to notice that animals — specifically shiba inus — have notable stretchy cheeks.

モチモチ猫もいいけど モチモチ犬はいいよね|ω•。 ))

"Mochi" in Japan is a glutinous rice cake that can be eaten as a sweet treat or with soup like a dumpling.

Obivously Japanese pet owners have noticed a similarity between their pets' cheeks and the popular food.

Caution: Attempts to "mochi mochi" pets may always not go as planned.



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