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Disney Is Making A Movie About The Virginia Man Who Claimed A Country For His Daughter In Africa

People aren't happy.

Posted on May 14, 2015, at 12:58 p.m. ET

Last year, Jeremiah Heaton made headlines when he announced he was buying his daughter Emily a "kingdom" in Africa.

Heaton travelled to Bir Tawil, a stretch of desert land between Egypt and Sudan, and planted his family flag there – thus supposedly claiming the land.

AP Photo/The Bristol Herald Courier, David Crigger

Though he's confident the land belongs to his family, it's unclear who the legal owner of the land is.

The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday that screenwriter Stephany Folsom is now attached to a project to make a film out of Heaton's claim on the land, titled The Princess Of North Sudan. Morgan Spurlock was reportedly set to produce.

The news has upset many on social media who feel Heaton's behavior represents colonialism.

So Disney's making a movie romanticizing the colonization of African land. #PrincessOfNorthSudan

White folks got til I wake up to make #PrincessOfNorthSudan disappear.

#PrincessOfNorthSudan is basic American history: go to unclaimed land, take it as your own. No one white lived there = no one lived there.

People are also upset with Disney, believing they're legitimizing Heaton's project.

@Disney seems to think African stories are limited to talking animals and lost white men #PrincessOfNorthSudan

Disney: *makes first black princess a frog for 99% of the film* POC: Give us an African Princess! Disney: lol ok #PrincessOfNorthSudan

me if #PrincessOfNorthSudan is going to happen.

In which a white man "flew to the area, planted a flag and claimed it for himself and his family" #PrincessOfNorthSudan

Last time I checked, the people of Sudan have that nice rich melanin #PrincessofNorthSudan

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Disney.

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