Brazilians Are Flooding The Instagram Accounts Of The Kids From “Stranger Things"

Brazilians are back at it again with their pop culture obsession.

The young cast of Netflix show Stranger Things have quickly become recognizable faces thanks to the show's international success.

They seem to have made a particular impact in Brazil. Since the show appeared on Netflix, Brazilian fans have swarmed the young actors' Instagram accounts with support and praise.

The swarm started as commenters saying they simply really liked the actors or thought they were cute.

With actor Gaten Matarazzo, they were all surprised he had teeth, unlike his character Dustin.

Brazilian TV fans have somewhat of a reputation for their Instagram commenting – at the beginning of the year Brazilian fans of the TV show Everybody Hates Chris trolled lead actor Tyler James Williams’ Instagram with quotes from the show. He didn't take it very well.

However, the cast started noticing the comments and are now pandering to their Brazilian fans. Caleb McLaughlin – who plays Lucas – used the Portuguese hashtag "amordeirmã" or "sister love".

Millie Bobby Brown – who plays Eleven – even got a T-shirt especially for her Brazilian fans and recorded a special message for them.

They really appreciated it.

Shout out to Brazilian TV fans, possibly the most committed fandom on the internet.

This article originally appeared on BuzzFeed Brazil.

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