Pitbull Has Covered "Africa" And Oh My God It Is So Good

I'm not even joking, it's great.

Christmas has come early, friends, as Pitbull has done a cover of Toto's "Africa" for the Aquaman movie.

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In fact there's a whole Aquaman soundtrack featuring original songs from a bunch of famous artists, which you can find here.

People were immediately amazed. There's excitement in the air.

Pitbull’s cover of Africa is an end-of-year-list-destroying masterpiece. Total bare minimum, no prechorus, no postchorus, no middle eight, just VERSE CHORUS VERSE CHORUS VERSE CHORUS CHORUS THERE THAT’S TWO AND A HALF MINUTES INVOICE ATTACHED https://t.co/HmC5mImOoK

A meme covering a meme? Perfect.

pitbull just remade africa by toto. the entire music industry is on the hot seat. holy shit.

Cool of Pitbull to be like "You need to go ahead and revisit those Best Of lists that you worked so hard on." https://t.co/mPKO5IVC3p

Literally all you need to know about Aquaman is contained in this Pitbull remix of Toto's Africa. https://t.co/OncDAyph9o

Don't listen to the haters.

there’s a real Aquaman movie and a fake one starring Vinnie Chase in Entourage and somehow the real one is the one with a song where Pitbull samples Africa by Toto

It took 34 years, but I've found the worst song in recorded history. It's Pitbull's take on Toto's "Africa" for Aquaman and its awfulness is a spectacle to behold. From the speaking intro to every Pitbull "whooooo" coming out of the hook. It's glorious. https://t.co/RUnR0f2GKt

oh my Pitbull has sampled/covered Toto's Africa on Aquaman's soundtrack.

Embrace another classic tune from Mr Worldwide, dedicated to an important part of his world, the ocean.

Aquaman is released in cinemas today.

And apparently, the scene the "Africa" cover is in is amazing.

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