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A Man And Rhino Have Become Best Friends After It Was Abandoned By Its Family

Rhino story time is a thing OMG.

Posted on January 21, 2016, at 10:40 a.m. ET

In late December, Aquilla Private Game Reserve near Cape Town, South Africa, posted a Facebook picture of a baby rhino, saying he had been abandoned by his mother and was in danger of being killed by his father.

The motherless rhino was saved and taken into the reserve's sanctuary, where the rangers began attempting to foster him and keep him alive.

Since the rhino's arrival the team have become a surrogate family for him, helping him with everything from meals...

The reserve even broke with tradition and are crowdsourcing a name for the abandoned animal.

And a local 8-year-old is raising money to help with care costs.

The rhino has grown particularly close to ranger Divan Grobler, who has taken on the role of carer for the animal he has nicknamed Orion.

Speaking to The Dodo, Grobler said that looking after the baby rhino was like having a child.

"I read to him to let him know that he's in a safe environment," he said. "I think it's emotionally comforting to him to know that someone is there. In the wild, his mom would give him love and attention. You need to give them that love."

The duo will stay together for another 18 months, at which point the rhino will be released back into the wild.

But for now, the dream team remains. ❤️