A Guy Gave A Girl His Number Using A "Pick-Up Lime" And People Think He's Super Smooth

Get you a guy like Michael.

Michael Nguyen is a 17-year-old from Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Nguyen is classmates with Natalie Salguero, who is also 17 years old. The pair have been friends for a while, but recently Nguyen thought it'd be cool to get Salguero's number.

He wanted to be creative, so gave her a lime with his number on it, aka a pick-up lime.

Salguero said she found it so funny she decided to share it on her Twitter.

This is Michael. Michael gave me a lime. It had his number ,Then proceeded to say "It's a pickup lime"… https://t.co/psPe2Waifh

People on Twitter loved Nguyen's fresh approach to asking a girl out.

DATE HIM. https://t.co/MnUTOQqX7v

YOU NEED TO GIVE THAT BOY A CALL 😂😂 https://t.co/Y4qasWxRDs

Nguyen said he gave Salguero the lime because he sucks at talking to girls and wanted to do something to get her attention. He got the idea from a post on Tumblr.

Both said that the response has been huge, with people at their school calling Nguyen the "lime guy." He's even put it in his Twitter bio.

So did the lime work? Nguyen said the reactions on Twitter gave him the confidence to ask Salguero for her number later.

#Getyouamichael 💃🏼 https://t.co/vTBEyrFlwk

Best of luck, guys. 🙏🏽

Michael's pun game is sublime https://t.co/hKWpO26AhB

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