A Bunch Of Guys Flooded A Black Lesbian Facebook Event With Racist Comments

The event page was removed due to homophobic and racist abuse.

Black Lesbians United is an American community organisation created to provide safe spaces for its minority LGBT members.

The group created a Facebook event (which has since been removed) for its annual retreat in September.

However, the event page was quickly overrun by trolls — mainly straight white men — mocking the values of the group.

The abuse was met with strong condemnation by social media users.

the infiltration of the black lesbians united page by british students just proves how far we are from achieving racial and gender equality

Via Twitter: @annalisakarina

the attempt to make the black lesbians united event viral was honestly a very transparent example of white male entitlement

Via Twitter: @noraxselmani

All the white, straight males claiming a retreat for black lesbians is racist towards them need to get real. Reverse racism isn't a thing.

Via Twitter: @tammie_c

these black lesbians want to meet up safely together where generally theyd be a target of insult and discrimination and even then

Via Twitter: @moonchul_

If u think yr funny hijacking Black lesbians meetup Facebook event, yr not, it's at the expense of a marginalised group & their safe space

Via Twitter: @AnnaCafolla

Many of the trolls seemed to draw parallels between their behavior toward Black Lesbians United and people ironically joining Azeem Ward's Flute recital, which went viral last week.

The black lesbian community are enraged

A petition has also been created to have the Facebook accounts of the perpetrators deleted.

The group has stated on its Facebook page that though the Facebook event has been cancelled, the retreat will still go ahead.

Jeanette Bronson, Co-founder of Black Lesbians United spoke to BuzzFeed about the incident, "It is a shame that these individuals succumbed to the pack mentality and went after our organization with such disregard, mocking our purpose, calling us names, and being as disrespectful and childish as possible, however we have learned that many attempted to remove their posts after submitting them, possibly due to peer pressure, or fear of punishment from their parents, or their educational institution. We have had received several requests from institutions including Oxford and Leeds for screenshots in order to track down some of the perpetrators. Hopefully Facebook can help with these requests.

We give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support, and for those who stood up for us in the midst of the firestorm."

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