26 Photos Of Dogs That Are Sure To Inspire You To Take Better Pics Of Your Furry Friend

From the streets to the beach, Magnum Dogs takes readers around the world with a range of big, small, bold, and beautiful canines.

Black and white photo of a dog in front of a sofa and mannequin leg

For dog lovers and photography enthusiasts alike, the 2021 book Magnum Dogs, published by Thames & Hudson, offers the most delectable contents with over 180 photos of canines captured all over the world. The book features four-legged friends riding in cars, getting the royal treatment at the groomer, and on vacation in its five chapters: Streetwise, Best in Show, It's a Dog's Life, At the Beach, and Behind the Scenes.

Captured moments such as Cristina García Rodero's photo of a small dog holding a person's hand, Richard Kalvar's image of two dogs that appear to be hugging, and Elliott Erwitt's angle of a large poodle standing up tall to get a view of a dog show are reminders of why we love canines so much (and why they may be better than cats).

Dog standing in a crosswalk wearing sunglasses, dress and holding a cigar in mouth
Dog stands on a hotel room bed in a red painted room in Paris
Three dogs sit next to a woman on a sofa in a deshuffled room
Small white dog stands in front of a fireplace as a person on the left side holds a treat in the air
A man holds a small dog in his hand and gives it a kiss
Dog seen sitting in the front seat and looking out the window of an older car
Man seen kissing a dog as they both sit in a bright yellow convertible
Candid view of a dog sitting in a car with actress Marilyn Monroe and actor Eli Wallach
Dog seen in a Halloween costume with wings and halo
Two bulldogs seen pulling on a leash as they take a walk
Behind the scenes view of dogs being groomed for competition
Candid view of a small dog sitting on a red ottoman next to two women in high heels
Black and white photo of a large poodle standing up high to view a dog show competition
Black and white Chin dog sits on a tabletop awaiting his groomer at a competition
Film strip photos of a dog on a beach and people's feet
Dogs seen running freely on the beach enjoying the water
Actress Jayne Mansfield sits in a beach chair and holds two small dogs on her lap
Two black and white dogs seen at the carnival wearing goggles
Candid view of two dogs and a person standing on the beach looking at the water
A couple is seen embracing on a bench near the beach as a small dog sits under the bench
Two dogs seen hugging and one small dog stands in the background
Dog is seen howling out the window of a car as he rides in a car on the street of Japan
Tiny dog stands on his haunches and holds the hand of a person

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