These Photos Make The Case For Bringing Back Funnel Cakes (and Other Fair Foods) In 2021

All of the fried foods we may (or may not) have missed will soon be back as fairs, festivals, and carnivals make a comeback.

The year 2020 robbed us of the annual opportunity to gather in mass to ride all the rides, play all the games, and enjoy an array of glazed, fried, jumbo size portions of food at the local fair. But with more of the population getting vaccinated against COVID-19, fall of 2021 is looking promising for those who love to attend the fairground and the vendors who cook up all the tasty options.

These photos remind us of foods you rarely consume outside of a carnival or fair atmosphere, and perhaps excite some folks at the chance to return.

A large statue of a cowboy looks over the fair grounds in Dallas, Texas
A child licks an ice cream cone and carries a stuffed dog on his shoulders while attending a fair
A large crowd of people attends a fair
Close up view of corndogs and hot dog sausages
A female worker at a funnel cake stand passes a guest a cake
Bags of cotton candy are seen hanging on a vendor cart at the State Fair of Texas
Fair attendees order food at a corndog stand on a rainy day at the Iowa State Fair
Rows of corn are seen behind a blue ribbon award at the Iowa State Fair

A woman feeds her son a food item at the Iowa State Fair
Two people eat popcorn and sit on a curb with prizes from the Minnesota State Fair
Two children hold rainbow colored snow cones at the county fair in Maine
A female worker stands under cotton candy at the Colorado State Fair
A person holds a sugar topped funnel cake in hand at the Maryland State Fair
Three young females hold up corn on the cob and hold cups at the state fair
A child looks up at two barrels that spin pink and blue cotton candy
A ferris wheel and cotton candy stand light up the evening sky at the Green Man Festival

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