North Korean Officials Fail At Photoshop

Among other things.

A photo from the Nov. 18 issue of North Korea's labor magazine forgot to give these soldiers shadows. It wasn't the first time Photoshop failed the officials of Pyongyang.


Kim Jong-un visits a children's hospital construction site and abides by different light sources.

The terrain changes in two photos taken at the same day, in the same location.

A 2008 photo of Kim Jong-il with the troops.

Clone-stamped sheep from a 2010 article on flourishing North Korean farms.

Either they're very meticulous with stacking bread ziggurats or they're not covering their Photoshop tracks.

Clone-stamped crowds frolicking in the ocean.

Tallest dude on Earth (though our readers point out this could be a legit photo of Ri Myung Hun, a 7'8" basketball player).

In 1995, official press releases memorialized Kim Il-sung's death with this doctored photo of father and son standing on a mountaintop.

H/T: China's 163 News, and The Shanghaiist.