Chinese Netizens Defiantly Remember Tiananmen Square

Social media brings Chinese public remembrance of the "June 4th Incident" to an unprecedented scale.

Portraits of all the identified victims of Tiananmen by

A photo of a paper tank sculpture at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:

The tank was later pushed to the busy Mong Kok shopping district:

A crowd-sourced map of the major massacres on June 4th, 1989:

Letters of support from students for the the Tiananmen Mothers' organization:

Photos of Xu Qinxian, commander of the 38th Grand Army who refused to use force against protestors. He was court-martialed and jailed for five years.

Photos of Ai Hu-sheng, who led the tank squadron into Tiananmen.

A photo from the early days of the protest:

A call for all netizens to wear black shirts on June 4th:

And a call for everyone to light a candle at home:

On the Weibo microblogging service, the popular emoticon for mourning, [candle], has been disabled:

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