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Bald Nun Sex Accidentally Broadcast On Giant Billboard In China

This is why you shouldn't watch porn at work. Only mildly NSFW.

Posted on July 2, 2013, at 2:39 p.m. ET

On June 26, an LED screen repairman for Jilin Southern Advertising watched a steamy sex scene from Hong Kong's medieval-porn remake of Jing Ping Mei on his computer. Little did he know that it was still hooked up to the building's giant billboard. Crowds gathered at the train station across the street, and the rest was the stuff of Weibo viral legends.

To be fair, the movie isn't technically porn — it's just that Jing Ping Mei is an inherently racy novel, widely hailed as the first literary work to candidly portray ordinary life in 16th century China, bald nun sex and all. The Hong Kong film studio behind this movie adaptation thought "Forbidden Legend of Sex and Chopsticks" would be a fitting English title, though Jing Ping Mei more closely translates to "Plum In A Golden Vase."

But yeah, imagine being caught watching Scarlet Letter-themed porn. This IT guy is a man of fine tastes.

Chinese onlookers gawk and chortle at a surprise jumbotron screening of porn across from Jilin Railway Station. This video is only mildly safe for work.

Phoenix News reports that an elementary school sits not 300 meters from the glowing porn billboard. The sex scene ran for 10 minutes before police arrived on scene, and the engineer had already confessed to the gaffe. If charged, the IT worker faces punishment for public indecency.