These 10 Photos Show The News You Might Have Missed This Week

The news in 10 photos.

A long-exposure photo showing a ring of fire being spun around someone standing, while two figures are silhouetted by a bonfire to the right in the frame

This week started off with a photo of a child spinning a ring of fire during rituals in celebration of Sirni Zagovezni in Łozen, Bulgaria, on Feb. 26. This tradition happens seven weeks before Easter and signifies the end of winter, during which people spend time with family and enjoy food and various customs. Then on Monday, as the Mobile World Congress trade show commenced in Barcelona, a man took a selfie with a robot “dog,” eerily similar to something out of Black Mirror

This past week also saw tragedy in Europe. Late Tuesday night in Greece, 57 people died in a train crash in Larissa when a passenger train and freight train collided head-on; that same night, scores of migrants were killed in a shipwreck in Italy, with the remains washing ashore on the coast near Crotone. In a statement released by her office, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni expressed “her deep sorrow for the many human lives torn away by human traffickers.”

A corgi looks upward wearing glasses with yellow-tinted lenses
A person wearing red shorts, t-shirt and a baseball cap holds up a finger and runs away from a man holding an automatic gun and is dressed in military garb with boots, camouflage outerwear and helmet in front of a military truck
Waterlogged pieces of wood are washed up on a shore on a beach
A kneeling man takes a selfie with a cellphone next to a four-legged robotic dog
A sitting man is barely visible behind the heat waves coming off behind a bonfire of a large pile of sandalwood
During a Holi celebration, a hazy overhead view of a crowd of people covered in colorful dust amid clouds of yellow and pink powder being tossed at one another
An aerial view at night of derailed freight and passenger train cars, amid debris, smoke, emergency vehicles, and fire trucks with their lights on
A person rides a horse alongside a shore next to a family gathered around a plastic table and enjoying a meal, seated in chairs and a swinging bench under a big yellow umbrella
An aerial view of a freight truck and car driving in opposite directions over a bridge above a drying river's sandbanks
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