We’re Happy To Report That The Queen’s Corgis Are Not Going To Be Euthanized Just Yet

“Royal guard solemnly entering the corgi wing of Buckingham palace and weeping as they tie tiny blindfolds on the dogs they've got left.”

Queen Elizabeth II looks at a corgi

Queen Elizabeth II was well-known for her corgi affinity. She owned more than 30 over her lifetime, according to estimates, kept them in Buckingham Palace’s “corgi room” with a gourmet chef and daily sheet changes, and gave them glorious names like Bramble and Dagger.

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At the time of her death, the Queen had four dogs: two Pembroke Welsh corgis, one corgi-dachshund mix, and a cocker spaniel. Amid all the tumult and decorum of the monarchy’s transfer of power, people are still eager to know what’s going to become of the Queen’s fleet of gorgeous pups.

A viral tweet from journalist Ashley Feinberg highlighted a paragraph from the Independent that stated the Queen “stopped breeding corgis as she does not wish any to survive her in the event of her death.” Thus began the jokes that the corgis might not actually survive much longer.

“Royal guard solemnly entering the corgi wing of Buckingham palace and weeping as they tie tiny blindfolds on the dogs they've got left,” Feinberg joked.

the corgis seeing their handler walk in today https://t.co/fuYN3E6KKg

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I just watched them take all of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis out of Buckingham Palace and shoot them execution style out back :(

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But the rest of the story from the Independent clarifies that the Queen just wanted to stop breeding corgis so she wouldn’t “leave behind any young dogs.”

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward told Newsweek she imagined the pets would go to the Queen’s children — most likely Prince Andrew, as he was the one who gifted her the current set after the death of her husband, Prince Philip. If it’s not sorted yet, though, may we suggest letting them stop by for a BuzzFeed puppy interview?

The Queen was so committed to giving her pets the best possible care in her lifetime that she brought her first corgi, Susan, along with her on her honeymoon. There’s no way she’d demand to be buried alive with them, as satire site Reductress joked — that wouldn’t be very glamorous.

Buckingham Palace has not yet returned a request for comment about the plans for rehoming the pets, but while we wait, enjoy some memes with varying levels of dark humor.

If the British issue new currency, they should bypass King Charles III and issue pound notes with Corgis on them.

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the corgis hearing everyone weeping

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Queen Elizabeth’s corgis running away so they don’t get buried with her

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500 orphaned corgis running wild on the streets of london

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