The 33 Most Romantic Moments In TV History

You're gonna cry.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what the most romantic TV scenes of all time are. Here are some of the best responses.

1. When April and Andy threw their surprise wedding on Parks and Recreation.

2. And when Leslie told Ben she wanted to be with him, regardless of the consequences.

3. When Derek and Meredith got married via a Post-It note on Grey's Anatomy.

4. When Grey Worm confessed to Missandei that she's his weakness on Game of Thrones.

5. When Michael surprised Jane and recited his wedding vows in Spanish on Jane the Virgin.

6. When Jack told Rebecca why he still loves her so much on This Is Us.

7. And pretty much every moment between Randall and Beth, but especially when they didn't have to censor themselves around one another.

8. When Angel showed up to the prom on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

9. And when Willow and Tara floated.

10. When Blaine told Kurt he moved him, and used a duet as an excuse to spend more time together, on Glee.

11. When Harry proposed to Charlotte at a singles mixer on Sex and the City.

12. When Ryan kissed Marissa just in time for New Year's on The O.C.

13. When Hook told Emma he traded the Jolly Roger to get back to her on Once Upon a Time.

14. When Pacey told Joey, "I remember everything," on Dawson's Creek.

15. When Wolfgang finally told Kala he loved her on Sense8.

16. When Luke told Lorelai to stand still on Gilmore Girls.

17. When Yousef brought Sana food on Skam, and he didn't even need to ask.

18. When Maggie kissed the girl she wanted to kiss on Supergirl.

19. When Chuck rigged the prom and made sure Blair was crowned prom queen so she could have the perfect night on Gossip Girl.

20. When Cory told Topanga she was better than perfect on Boy Meets World.

21. When Elena and Damon finally kissed on The Vampire Diaries.

22. When Ted told Robin he would have stolen her a whole orchestra on How I Met Your Mother, even though they were breaking up.

23. When Nick kissed Jess for the first time on New Girl.

24. When Mike kissed Eleven on Stranger Things.

25. When Brian showed up to Justin's prom on Queer as Folk and they tore up the dance floor.

26. When The Doctor revealed he knew River was there all along on Doctor Who.

27. When Kevin told Nora he believed her on The Leftovers.

28. When Fitz gave Olivia his "I belong to you" speech on Scandal.

29. When Coach Taylor put Tami's career ahead of his own on Friday Night Lights.

30. When Michael proposed to Holly in a Yoda voice while the sprinklers went off on The Office.

31. And when Jim came back from New York just to ask Pam on their first date.

32. When Monica proposed to Chandler on Friends.

33. And, of course, when Rachel got off the plane.

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