Welcome To Goth Internet

The person behind Goth Screenshots explains why the internet can be a dark place.

The world is a dark place and humankind is a cruel, vindictive species. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the the stark and brutal online error messages telling you have zero friends. It's basically the internet equivalent of white pancake makeup, a cape, New Rock boots, and purple arm warmers. Very goth.

This is the premise of the sublime Goth Screenshots, a Tumblr that Sougwen Chung, a New York-based artist, has run for the last 3 years. The Tumblr has expanded to include a T-shirt merchandise line (do goths wear T-shirts? cloaks?).

"It's an outlet for the existential/breakup/technological angst using the screen as its medium and inspiration," Chang told BuzzFeed. She said it's easy to find "goth shots." "I've never had to go hunting for goth screenshots. I think its like branding: Once you see it for the first time you realize it's everywhere. It's also kind of a frame of attention that you just fall into."

And she's right. There's evidence of the humankind's existential struggle all across the 'net. So enjoy the ivy-covered path into T H E A B Y S S

No friends.

Go back.

Sweeping loneliness.


No more.

Empty...like my stepdad's heart.

Words left unsaid.

No new favs.

Answer: Satan.

A previous version of this post contained a misspelling of the artist Sougwen Chung's first name.

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