A Coward's Guide To Editing Tweets

The edit button is finally here — only if you pay for Twitter Blue.

After years of the typo-prone masses clamoring for an edit button, Twitter has finally released one. Let's not even think about the ways this could be abused by bad actors spreading disinformation or whatever, let's just think nice happy thoughts about an edit button. The fact this is happening a day after Elon Musk agreed to pay the full price for Twitter? Look, I'm not here to speculate, I'm just here to chew gum and make typos, and I'm all out of gub.

For now, the feature is available to people who pay for Twitter Blue, the $5/month service that most people would never in a million years want to pay for. Me? I do because I'm a disgusting worm who loves tweeting. Plus, I like the "top articles" feature that tells me what articles my friends are tweeting and the "undo" feature that gives you a few seconds after sending to catch typos or bad ideas.

A word of warning: Editing your tweets will let people know you actually pay for Twitter Blue, which is potentially more damaging to your reputation than a typo or stupid tweet.

Step 1: Swallow your pride and pay $4.99/month for Twitter Blue, like the sniveling paypig you are.

Step 2: Make a tweet.

Step 3: Tap the ... button at the top corner of your tweet and select "Edit Tweet"

Step 4: Fix your typos or update the tweet, and you're good to go!

Keep in mind, your new tweet will say that it's been edited, and if someone clicks on it, they can see the edit history.

There you go! Edit away, you little weirdos!

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