Tumblr Now Has Stickers And Filters For Mobile App

Stickers. Stickers? Stickers.

Tumblr is adding a feature to its mobile app where you can add stickers or filters to photos you upload. The feature will roll out to all users by tomorrow.

The sticker pack includes extremely relevant things like: a fried egg, a trash can, a yin yang, recycling logo, an alien, pizza slice, a baguette, a tombstone, and more. You can also add text.

The filters are mostly colored – think more acid trip than Instagram's "Nashville".

These new photo features for mobile come after a big update last May where you could create GIFs directly in the app, even shoot video straight to GIF.

Here's how the new feature works:

Choose "Photo" post in the mobile app. Then, once you've either taken a new photo or found the pic you want to upload, choose from the three buttons at the bottom of the edit page. Right here:

The squares are filters, the letters are text, and the magic wand is for stickers.

Here, I greatly improved this photo of my coworker Matt, to reveal his true self:

Here's more info on it from the Tumblr blog:

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