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Apple Watch Preorders Make For The Saddest Instagrams

An Instagram of a screenshot of an order confirmation email is the loneliest celebration.

Posted on April 10, 2015, at 1:54 p.m. ET

So you decided to take the plunge and buy an Apple Watch. You can't wait!

But you can't get an actual watch yet. You just get.......... THIS:

[Ok, unless you're Pharrell. In which case, you can show it off now.]

But the need to share with everyone that you bought the watch is TOO STRONG. You can't wait till it actually arrives. You gotta gram that email confirmation!

Like I wasn't going to pre order the #AppleWatch ⌚️

The confirmation emails can't even be cropped easily into an Instagram BUT WHATEVER.

Let the world know you're getting the super expensive version.

(and of course, you're responsible, so you got the Apple Care)

Because you'll have to wait all the way until JUNE to actually show this bad boy off.

Unless, of course, you're Katy Perry and you have it now.

Or Drake. Because it's Coachella and you're Drake and your watch matches your sweatsuit flawlessly.
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