9 Things Teens Do To Make Their Instagram Stories Better

Listen up, old people!

Hello, fellow adult person. If you're like me, you see people do all sorts of crazy things on Instagram Stories, and have no idea how they do them, and have just resigned yourself to shopping for orthopedic insoles.

Let us storm the castle and TAKE BACK THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION from the Youngs. Let us learn their devilish ways. And so, here's how to do all those weird Instagram Stories things.

1. Make your caption easier to read by giving it a white background. Tap the "A" letter at the top to add a background.

2. Make a selfie sticker. Start by taking a photo. Next, tap that little smiley square at the top

Then, choose the camera button from the Sticker options. This will open your camera in selfie mode.

Voilá! You have a sticker with your own face — which you can drag around and resize.

3. Zoom in during a video using just one finger. Just keep holding your thumb on the button, then slide it up. Like this:

4. Add hashtags. First, select "Hashtag" from the Sticker menu (the Sticker menu is that smiley square at the top).

When people watch your Story, they can click on the hashtag and it'll take them to the search results page.

5. You can also search for Stories by hashtag or location, which is key for fully stalking a wedding hashtag.

6. Pin a sticker so it moves along with a video. This is kind of tricky — here are the steps.

First, shoot a video in Stories. Next, hit the Stickers button and choose a sticker. I chose this birthday hat for this video of my coworker, Katie.

Now pinch to make the sticker the size you want it to be, and move it with your finger to the place you want it to be.

Then HOLD DOWN on the sticker with your finger, and you'll be able to drag it to the right spot — like the top of Katie's head.

And now I have a video where the hat is "pinned" to Katie's head as she moves around!

7. SUPER PRO TIP: You can combine "make a sticker of your face" with "pin a sticker" and make your own ghoulish face follow someone around.

8. Reply to someone's Story with a picture or video. Easy — just tap the camera icon at the bottom. This gets sent to them as a DM, not a public reply.

9. Make your screen completely one color — so you can add easy clear text, like this:

First, take a picture. Then, tap the marker icon at the top.

Hold your finger down over the blank space in the bottom corner — just above the color dots.

After a second or two, it will turn the whole screen the color of your choice. Now you can type on it or draw on it.

I used the eraser tool and the text tool to make this sassy bird:

Go forth and make good Stories! I believe in you!!!

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