Here's A Font That Lets You Cheat On Your Term Papers

It's called Times Newer Roman and it looks like a teacher-approved font — just, uh, bigger.

Good news for lazy college students (hey, high schoolers and grad students, too) or anyone who just enjoys doing less than they should: There's a new font to help you cheat* the page count for your term papers.

It's called "Times Newer Roman" and it looks like the classic Times New Roman font — it's just...a little bit bigger.

No need to stealthily widen the margins, add extra spaces after periods, or make the punctuation a bigger font size. This new font just makes things take up more space on the page.

This could actually save you a lot of work. To end up with a 15-page, single-spaced Word doc in 12-point font, you could type about 850 words LESS with this font than you would while using traditional Times New Roman.** That's a lot more time for checking Instagram instead of doing boring school work!

Sure, people have been finding hacks to stretch out their school papers since the Gutenberg Bible (I'm assuming, right?). No more!

Gabe Whaley, of the digital product agency MSCHF, told BuzzFeed News he was inspired to make this by being a procrastinator as a student himself. "In a way, this is also a statement about the discrepancy between how school sets you up for life afterwards. In real life, brevity is king, and being able to articulate clear thoughts in fewer words is powerful," he said. (Whaley is a former non-editorial BuzzFeed employee.)

But this also only works if you're printing a paper out. If you email a Word document to your professor using this font, and your professor doesn't have Times Newer Roman on their computer (which they probably won't) it will just show up as regular Times New Roman on their version of Word while they're looking at it.

To download the font, go here.

*BuzzFeed News does not actually endorse cheating on your school assignments. Do your work, kids — you're paying for that education!

**BuzzFeed News takes no responsibility if you are dumb enough to try this and your teacher catches you and flunks you.

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