The Most #NoFilter-Worthy Places On Earth

Statistically, where we use #NoFilter the most.

The bus-booking travel site Busbud analyzed the use of the Instagram hashtag #NoFilter to see where people use it the most.

The findings are pretty interesting, if not completely surprising. The top locations for #NoFilter-ing are places with a lot of natural beauty, that are also popular as tourist destinations. Meaning that a high percentage of the people 'gramming from those places are seeing amazing natural sights for the first time and want to show off to their friends of how great it looks in its unadulterated state.

Worldwide, the Bahamas have the highest percentage of images tagged #NoFilter.

Which, makes a lot of sense. Because the colors of the sea and sand there are spectacular.

A close second is Iceland.

Which, again, makes sense. Insane natural beauty + lots of tourism = lots of #NoFilters.

In the U.S, Vermont has the highest density of no #NoFilter

Hi Vermont. Nice mountains ya got there.

However, as far as most likes per #NoFilter pic on average, Alaska wins.

Good morning, Alaska.

Scandalously, 7% of posts tagged #NoFilter actually use filters. The most used filter to look natural? Juno. So beware of photos from Juneau, Alaska that secretly use Juno.