The Embarrassing Page That Reveals Who Your Twitter Crush Is

Hidden deep within the features is a page that shows who you give the most "favs" to. Which means it's the person you want to be sitting in a tree with, F-A-V-I-N-G.

Here is the secret Favstar page that shows my top Twitter crushes:, the site that lets you track your most popular and older tweets, has a cool secret feature. I say "secret" because it's oddly really difficult to actually access — it appears it's a defunct feature that doesn't have a link to access anywhere on the interface. Luckily, you can just go straight to the URL and plug in your name, or maybe the name of someone else if you want to see if they luuuurve you.

Who do you FAV most?

Copy and paste into your browser:

Swap out your Twitter name into the "yourusernamehere" part (duh).

And voilà! Isn't that embarrassing? Oooooooh someone's got a Twittttter crush. You want to marry them and have like a million of their Twitter babies.

Here's BuzzFeed editor John Herrman's

Of course, people use the "fav" button on Twitter differently. I use it quite liberally, for tweets that I think are funny but maybe not retweet-worthy, or maybe I'll use it to acknowledge someone's reply without replying back. Complicated, right? Sometimes I'll ironically fav a tweet (this is complicated), and sometimes I'll fav a tweet that is in a conversation back and forth between two separate people, just to passive-aggressively remind them that "hey! other people can read this, you know."

Others hardly use the "fav" button at all. I suspect that some people only hit it accidentally, when they're trying to expand tweets or reply.

One other note: It appears this data is not for all time, but probably for the last 30 to 90 days. Additionally, only users who have logged into Favstar at some point and activated an account will be counted. This means your Twitter crush might vary fairly often, so check back again soon!

The White House has only fav'ed one tweet, and it was its own:

Barack Obama doesn't fav anyone :(

Kim Kardashian doesn't seem to give out too many favs either:

Cher only gave one fav:

Rihanna's Twitter crush is...a Pisces astrology account