8 Spells For The Internet Any Witch Can Do At Home

Finally, a way to use magic to ward off internet trolls.

Artist Molly Soda has created a spellbook on digital art site NewHive for all aspiring witches and warlocks of the web.

Behold, the power of the spells. These are no joke. Follow them exactly or risk terrible internet luck.

A banishing spell to ward off an internet troll:

A love spell to get someone to "like" your social media post:

A summoning spell to increase your follower count:

A healing spell to fix a broken cell phone:

An ability spell to give you strength to stop checking your ex-lover's social media accounts:

A beauty spell to appear more attractive in selfies:

A protection spell to bless a new computer or cell phone:

A seeking spell to get the username you want (with no numbers or underscores):

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