Meet The Girl Who Buttchugged Cough Syrup

An interview with an American shero. [But seriously, DO NOT DO THIS.]

Listen to our interview on the Internet Explorer podcast with @freakmommy, who helped her friend @lilbabybytch buttchug cough syrup:

This is a tale of friendship, first and foremost. And ill-advised drug consumption secondly.

@freakmommy and @lilbabybytch are two American sheros who captured the admiration of the internet when @freakmommy's photos of @lilbabybytch buttchugging cough syrup went viral on Twitter.

Here's the story of how it happened [FYI BuzzFeed does NOT endorse or recommend buttchugging cough syrup].

The two women had met before in real life, but since @freakmommy lived in Southern California, their friendship had blossomed over Twitter. This summer, friendship was sealed forever as @freakmommy came to visit @lilbabybytch's in Oakland.

It all went down at a 4th of July party at a warehouse. A night that shall live in buttchugging infamy...

the queens of garbage @lilbabybytch

The beautiful @freakmommy and @lilbabybytch.

"I went to a couple stores until I found alcohol-free cough syrup," @lilbabybych explained to BuzzFeed over Twitter DMs. "I thought it would be funnier not to get a funnel and just put the bottle in my butt, even though there were some little spikes on the mouth. When attempting, it became evident that I would have to be upside down and someone else would have to hold it."

To achieve this goal, @lilbabybytch did a handstand, and a third friend helped hold the bottle into her butthole. @freakmommy did her part by taking photos and videotaping.

"This isn't the first time she's [@lilbabybytch] inserted syrup into her anus, I'll put it that way," @freakmommy told us on the Internet Explorer podcast.

@lilbabybytch had researched online about it, and asked a nurse friend to recommended a safe dosage. Believe it or not, both @freakmommy and @lilbabybytch don't drink alcohol at all, so she used an alcohol-free syrup, which makes buttchugging possibly a little more safe (let's be honest: this is not safe at all, but it's not AS bad as it could've been).

"It felt like I needed to have the runs but I kept it in for about half an hour," @lilbabybytch said. "It did not make me feel inebriated at all."

Like @freakmommy tweeted, this is NOT recommended by drug addicts or medical professionals.

I strongly recommend that no one reading this ever attempt to buttchug cough syrup, or anything for that matter. But we do endorse the strong and unique bonds of female friendship that these two women displayed.

Here's @freakmommy's description of the whole story on her blog.

Here are the photos of @lilbabybytch trying to put in the cough syrup:

Then she gets in a handstand position.

A friend helps hold the bottle.

It appears the entire bottle goes in. She apparently pooped it all out moments later.

Oh, and on the podcast episode, we also included an interview with a guy who made love to a raw turkey:

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