Lost Images From Old Razr Phones On eBay

Kyle M. F. Williams bought 44 Razr phones on eBay in broken condition. This is what he found inside.

Text message from a phone sold as "broken" on eBay

New York artist Kyle M. F. Williams had the idea of a covering a razor scooter in Razr phones as a piece of sculpture. On eBay, he found a lot of 44 Razr phones from a seller who appeared to be a electronics repair shop out of Texas being sold in "as-is" condition for only $89 total.

"I assumed they would all be broken, or wiped, but when I got them I found that half of them still had texts, sexts, pics, and vids. So I took a couple days and figured out how to dump all the content from the phones onto my computer," Williams told me. Using Amazon's print on demand publishing service, he is selling a paperback book out of the images, titled Razr.

Why would someone leave personal information on their phone? Williams suspects the owners weren't stupid, they were just unlucky. "Maybe all the Razrs I bought were the ones he couldn't fix and the original owners didn't care to erase 'em and scooped up a cool new Droid or something instead. Also, I bet nobody actually knew how to wipe these things. It takes like 10 steps to delete a photo in that shitty menu system. Who's gonna do that for every sexy image you have in 'My Pix & Flix'."

Photo of a small jar of marijuana

Sext message (I blacked out recipient's name, but Google reveals he's a Christian musician/motivational speaker)


Photo of some erotic art.

Photo of a turtle being poked with a stick

A sexy screensaver

Photo of a drawing of a penis named Jason

Photo of a guy with thumbs up, may or may not be Jason

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