Instagram Is Down, But At Least We Can Still Breathe Air And Feel The Sun On Our Skin

"We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

Let's recap today, June 12, 2018.

Dennis Rodman just brought about world peace and saved us from nuclear war.

Dennis Rodman gets emotional talking about the death threats he received after he traveled to North Korea. "I couldn't even go home, but I help my head up high."

A guy made tacos out of his foot (warning: link is as gross as you think it is).

We are still living under the tyrannical thumb of the marketing Satan who gave us "iHOb."

Dear Internet, we abbreciate your batience. Now let’s see who guessed right. B-hold!!!!! #IHOb

But forget all that. The REAL problem is that INSTAGRAM IS DOWN today.

Since Instagram is down, I've had to resort to the old system of pinning pictures of myself and food to the office bulletin board. I can't tell if anyone likes it yet...

Think of all the stans out there who are SUFFERING and in pain without this, not knowing if any "skinny legends" have posted.

So, everyone runs to Twitter to see what's going on.

hello twitter it’s me making another guest appearance to check if instagram is down

Me sliding into twitter to see if I’m not the only one who’s instagram is down

And what IS going on? Who knows! A representative for Instagram told BuzzFeed News, “We're aware that some users are having trouble accessing their Instagram accounts. We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

So hold tight and all will be back to normal. Sort of.

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